Registering your Trade Mark

When laying the foundations for your brand name, ensure that you engage the right expertise to protect it. It not worth spending considerable amounts of money and energy on creating and promoting your brand or trading name, and then failing to spend a comparatively small sum on protecting that trade name. This protection of your brand name takes the form of a registered trade mark.  For answers to the top 21 frequently asked questions on trade marks, click here.

Fixed Price Trade Mark Search and Registration

Trade Mark Associates offers good-value advice on cost-effective ways of registering your trade mark in the UK and/or the EU.

For complex registrations, and for trade mark registrations outside the EU, our sister company Brand Protect offer a wide range of intellectual property expertise and works with a range of overseas associates based in every country and territory in the world.

For more information on trade mark and trade mark registration, please see answers to the top 21 FAQs and for an explanation of the trade mark search and registration process, please see Our Services or contact the TMA team on 01869 692888 or at

The Concept: Fixed Price Trade Mark Search and Registration

The wealth of experience within the close-knit team does not mean that they are averse to adopting new ideas. They continually look for ways to improve the service they provide to clients, and monitor developments in the trade mark industry to ensure that they remain ahead of the curve. Trade Mark Associates is a sister company of Brand Protect, a specialist intellectual property (IP) law firm. To learn more about the team, visit Meet The Team.

The Team: Trade Mark Expertise

Bernard, Adam, and Madhuri have worked with all types of clients, from individuals to start-ups to multinational corporations. They have extensive knowledge of the UK and EU trade mark regulations, and have obtained trade marks for their clients in all four corners of the globe.

The Implementation: Trade Marks for Small Start-ups and Large Companies

It was their progressive thinking and entrepreneurial nature that resulted in the launch of Trade Mark Associates in 2012. They noticed that in the trade mark industry, the best services were provided to those with the most financial resources, and start-ups and companies with smaller budgets were being neglected. They made the decision that first-rate trade mark services and advice should be available to all companies whether large or small; new or old. The Trade Mark Associates philosophy was born. Trade Mark Associates is not a DIY registration service, therefore we need all the following information from you:

  • The brand name or trade mark that you wish to register;
  • The name and address of the applicant / trade mark owner (usually an individual person or a legal entity);
  • The categories of goods and services which the trade mark serves (so that we can advise on the classes to be used); and
  • The countries or territories in which you need the trade mark to be protected.

Trade Mark Associates has gone from strength to strength. Clients appreciate the thoughtful, holistic approach the team provide, and the efficient and courteous manner in which they operate, as well as our low prices. In working hours, the team are always busy corresponding with clients or the trade mark registries. Nevertheless, they are always able to make time to speak to their clients, both new and existing.

To begin protecting your trade marks with Bernard, Adam, and Madhuri, please us call 01869 692 888 today, or email – they will be delighted to have a conversation with you as to how they can help.

Our team will:

  • Help you choose the right brand.
  • Conduct research on the brand to ensure that you can register it efficiently.
  • Ensure the application is made professionally (the courts can always tell if an application is a “DIY” application).
  • Advise you if a third party makes an application to register a similar brand – anywhere in the world.
  • Advise you on protecting, licensing, franchising, litigation matters and be with you through the lifetime of your brand.