How much does a UK trade mark cost?

Short answer: it depends. Trade mark application costs vary in accordance with the number of “classes” of goods and/or services you require.

What are “classes”? Almost every country in the world subscribes to a largely uniform trade mark classification system whereby every good and service is categorise within 45 classes. The system is entirely arbitrary, but efforts have been made to group goods/services of a similar together. For example, perfume can be found in the same class as makeup. However, hamburgers are not found in the same class as buns and ketchup!

The registry will actively inspect every application filed to ensure every applied for good and service is in the correct class. Incorrectly classified goods or services may ultimately be refused, and the trade mark may be partially or totally refused. It is therefore critical to ensure everything is in the correct class before the application is filed.

For 1 class, the UK registry charges £170. For each additional class after that costs £50. Therefore, for 1 application in 4 classes would cost as follows:

£170 (first class)

£150 (three additional classes)

= £320

To have your trade mark application researched and drafted by the professionals at Trade Mark Associates costs an additional £195 (we don’t charge by the class, unlike most of our competitors). Our exceptional understanding of the trade mark system means that your application has the best possible chance of success.

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