Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

For sellers of goods on Amazon, there can be nothing more frustrating than having someone hijack your brand, and take your customers. Amazon Brand Registry is Amazon’s internal tool to stop this happening, and to allow your company to profit fairly on Amazon.

What are the benefits?

The Amazon Brand Registry allows you to have greater influence and control over your product listings on Amazon. The system allows you to easily search and report violations of Amazon’s terms through a simple, user friendly system. The search function includes:

  • A global search allowing you to search for violating listings in different Amazon stores;
  • An image search which allows you to search for product listings on Amazon that match your product or logo, using images;
  • A bulk ASIN search; the system allows you to search for a list of ASINs or product URLs in bulk to explore and report potentially infringing content quickly and effectively.

Once the search is conducted, you can send the details of the infringement to Amazon, who will take action to address the matter and assess any violations.

In addition to this, registering your brand on the Amazon Brand Registry allows them to conduct its own searches, based on the information you provide to Amazon.

What do I need to have to sign up?

To sign up to the scheme, you need to have:

  1. a registered trade mark effective in the UK which appears on the goods you sell, or their packaging;
  2. the ability to verify that you are the owner of that trade mark, or the authorised owner; and
  3. an Amazon account.

The benefits to Amazon’s sellers are excellent, and all sensible Amazon sellers will be registered in the scheme. The first thing to have is a registered trade mark.  To find out more, get in touch with the TMA team.  They will give you free initial advice on how best to register your brand name as a trade mark.  In addition, useful further information is available at “Why Register Your Trade Mark” and the answers to 21 trade mark FAQs.