‘Brexit’ and Trade Mark Registrations. Is the scope of protection of my EU trade mark affected by Brexit? Yes. The EUIPO has stated that from the leave date, as a matter of EU law, EU registered trade marks will no longer be automatically protected in the UK.   Consequently, EU registered trade marks needing UK protection… Read More

Brexit & Trade Mark Registrations Posted: Sept 2018 As most people are aware, “Brexit” is the name for the process of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, following the referendum result of 23 June 2016. The process started with the UK Prime Minister Theresa May invoking Article 50 of the Treaty on the European… Read More

Amazon Brand Registry What is Amazon Brand Registry? For sellers of goods on Amazon, there can be nothing more frustrating than having someone hijack your brand, and take your customers. Amazon Brand Registry is Amazon’s internal tool to stop this happening, and to allow your company to profit fairly on Amazon. What are the benefits?… Read More

When is the right time to apply to register a trade mark?   We work with clients of all sizes, and the answer to this question is always the same: “as soon as you decide on a brand name”.   Once you have decided to create a business or product, a name for it is… Read More

Short answer: it depends. Trade mark application costs vary in accordance with the number of “classes” of goods and/or services you require. What are “classes”? Almost every country in the world subscribes to a largely uniform trade mark classification system whereby every good and service is categorise within 45 classes. The system is entirely arbitrary,… Read More

What can be registered as a trade mark?   The vast majority of trade mark applications will be for words or logos. The logo may or may not have words, e.g. the Nike tick.   However, for many years, it has been technically possible to register:   Sounds; Smells; Packaging of goods; The shapes of… Read More

What is the process for a UK trade mark application?   All UK trade mark applications go through the same process, whether you are a start-up or large PLC.   Once we receive your instructions, we can prepare the application for you. When that is approved, the application is filed to the registry who have… Read More

Can I get a worldwide trade mark?   There is no single trade mark registration which covers every country in the world, and this is likely to be the case for the foreseeable future.   Each country has its own trade mark system and registry: e.g. the UK registry is based in Newport (South Wales),… Read More